Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super to end in March 2018


A sequel for one of the most popular anime series ever, Dragon Ball Z, called Dragon Ball Super will be ended on 25th March this year. It is not confirmed, yet, that the end of Dragon Ball Super will end where Dragon Ball Z had, we hope, with a little more details, or the end will be something completely different.

Anyways, it is announced that at the end of 2018 will be a new Dragon Ball movie which will be about famous race “Saiyans” so, according to that, will we get a sequel for Dragon Ball Super or not, depends on the success of that movie. That’s all what we know so far about this topic.

Now it is just questionable how Tournament of Power will end. We still have to see more of Universe 7 and Universe 11 and what kind of reaction remaining warriors have. Until that, enjoy the last 8 episodes and be patient.

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