Disney revealed the intro sequence of its new animated series “Amphibia”


Disney’s new animated series called Amphibia was greenlighted on February 23, 2018, together with The Owl House. Its creator is one of the storyboard artists of the popular Disney series, Gravity Falls. The intro sequence of the new series was revealed on the San Diego Comic-Con.

According to Wikipedia, „the series chronicles the adventures of 13-year-old Thai-American Anne Boonchuy, who is magically transported to Amphibia, a world inhabited by frogs. She meets and befriends a frog named Sprig, who will guide her to be a true hero.”

The new series will debut on Disney Channel USA sometime in 2019. The series creator is Matt Braly who is also a director of Big City Greens. According to Braly’s Twitter account, he had been working on the series for two years before being greenlighted.

The intro contains some motives which remind of the opening of Gravity Falls:

(Wikipedia, Deadline)

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