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Hungarian art university presents alumni’s animations online


This year is the first time, when the Animation department of the Hungarian Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest dedicates a whole month to present the diploma animations of their alumni, which are available from now on for everyone.

The first film’s premiere is expected on the 6th of July then every second day a new film will be presented to the audience, ten pieces all together. The films are very diverse in terms of their style and what they have to say, and they reflect an exciting overview of the young world of animation, reflecting the different creative behaviour of their directors. The order in which the films are presented is also meant to reinforce and present this colourful cavalcade.

This is a very important event in the life of MOME Anim, as there is always a lot of interest in diploma films, but so far these films have only been shown at festivals.

On MOME Anim’s Facebook and Instagram page one will also find the movie links and mini interviews with the directors.

List of animations

Bognár, Éva Katinka: Hugo Bumfeldt
Kántor, Péter: Ujj a ravaszon
Kopasz, Milán: Beyond
Bárány, Dani: Házibuli
Wunder, Judit: Kötelék (Bond)
Carlson, Hanna: Out of Order
Felvidéki, Miklós: Gorgon
Varga, Petra: Mimik
Király, Krisztián: A körömágyszaggató (The Hangnail Picker)
Takács, Anikó: Cosmic Jacuzzi

(image: Gorgon)

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